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2017 Artistic Resolutions

Posted on: January 2nd, 2017 by Carolyn Dix

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year as an artist it’s difficult to choose only a few. Yet I know that I need to not have too many so that I become discouraged by not achieving all of my goals and not too many so that I am not spending enough time mastering new endeavours. On the other hand, I need to have enough so that I am progressing. Read on to discover my artistic resolutions for 2017.

Before the end of last year; funny to say that considering last year was only 2 days ago. Actually, it was about two weeks ago that I decided to spend some time and money on photography. So, I am starting the New Year with a new camera, a tripod and professional lights. Even though my equipment is entry level, it is a huge step up from using my cell phone. And now I need to buy a book and to also start practicing.

Another thing I want to accomplish this year is to start a spreadsheet to keep track of my work. There are a number of companies who sell inventory tracking systems with some nice features but I am going to try and do this on my own.                                                                             There a number of details that will be catalogued such as:

  • Some type of number for each piece I create
  • A thumbnail photo
  • The title of the work ( I enjoy figuring out my titles)
  • A description of the mediums I used in the creative process
  • Measurements ( I like using inches) framed and unframed
  • Price
  • Where is the piece? Is it in my studio, at a gallery, featured on the walls of a business, donated to a charity, or the name of who purchased the artwork?
  • The date created
  • Expenses for each piece

This year I will most definitely spend time on learning and trying some new techniques and art forms. Years ago, I experimented with papermaking and found it to be so creatively fulfilling. Perhaps I will go add some of my own handmade paper into my mixed-media art this year. I also want to incorporate polymer clay into my work, not sure how, but I have some ideas and images floating around in my mind waiting to be started. Going hand-in-hand with this is to create more works of art.

Although what I have written above are big goals, there are two even more important:

  • Add a shopping cart to my website by the end of January at the latest.
  • Show my work in more venues

In conclusion, I have boiled down my huge list of goals to five: add a shopping cart to my website, displaying my work in more venues, learn to take better photos of my work, create an inventory system, add new elements to my mixed media and creating more finished pieces.

Have you made any artistic resolutions for 2017?

I would like to wish you a creative and successful 2017.