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Walking Into the Mist of Time and Memories

Posted on: May 28th, 2017 by Carolyn Dix

My work features the exploration of time and memories sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. “Walking Into the Mist of Time and Memories” shows that when you let your mind wander into the past, you can be rained on with a barrage of thoughts. Or you might find that it is difficult to remember exact events and your mind is veiled in a mist.

And also events in the past might not be as you remembered or might not be what you want to remember. It shows that history is a story sometimes true and sometimes not, depending on your personal interpretation of events.

No matter what you encounter in life, think positive and keep walking forward. Don’t dwell too much on your past, it’s gone but you can learn from your mistakes and improve on how you live going forward. We will all spend our lives learning and hopefully improving how we interact

lady holding pink umbrella walking in the rain towards a misty background

Walking Into the Mist of Time and Memories

and care for each other. Time on this planet is finite, so choose how you spend your time wisely.  Count your blessings, think positive (I can’t stress that enough), and treat everyone you meet with kindness. And as a Christian, I will add —find a church family.


Of note: I just had this piece hanging at the Tri-City Stopgap Exhibition 11 (2017) in Kitchener, Ontario. It was a great show. Watch their Facebook site for future shows and Follow me on Instagram  at for updates.