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Walking Into the Mist of Time and Memories

Posted on: May 28th, 2017 by Carolyn Dix

My work features the exploration of time and memories sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. “Walking Into the Mist of Time and Memories” shows that when you let your mind wander into the past, you can be rained on with a barrage of thoughts. Or you might find that it is difficult to remember exact events and your mind is veiled in a mist.

And also events in the past might not be as you remembered or might not be what you want to remember. It shows that history is a story sometimes true and sometimes not, depending on your personal interpretation of events.

No matter what you encounter in life, think positive and keep walking forward. Don’t dwell too much on your past, it’s gone but you can learn from your mistakes and improve on how you live going forward. We will all spend our lives learning and hopefully improving how we interact

lady holding pink umbrella walking in the rain towards a misty background

Walking Into the Mist of Time and Memories

and care for each other. Time on this planet is finite, so choose how you spend your time wisely.  Count your blessings, think positive (I can’t stress that enough), and treat everyone you meet with kindness. And as a Christian, I will add —find a church family.


Of note: I just had this piece hanging at the Tri-City Stopgap Exhibition 11 (2017) in Kitchener, Ontario. It was a great show. Watch their Facebook site for future shows and Follow me on Instagram  at for updates.


Thoughts About Time

Posted on: February 6th, 2017 by Carolyn Dix

My art piece Thoughts About Time is my first assemblage when I realized I have a recurring theme about “time.”

Time is locked; there are 24 hours per day and 60 minutes in each hour and if my math is correct this should equal 1,440 minutes a day. To me, 24 hours sounds like a huge chunk of time, but 1,440 minutes doesn’t. I’m not sure why my mind thinks like this. What sounds like the most to you?

In theory, it has been noted that we should spend eight hours sleeping every day, so that leaves 16 hours x 60 minutes which is the equivalent of 960 minutes.

So the question is: what to do with 960 minutes?

In order to stay alive our basic necessity is to eat. How long does it take to prepare and eat three meals a day? I don’t know how much time to subtract for that.

Now, if a person works at a full time job, we need to subtract another eight hours from the day plus time to travel to and from the work place. That translates to 16 hours minus 9 working hours which equals seven  hours x 60 minutes which now gives us 420 minutes that we have left for other things in our life such as church, time to spend with family and friends, and creative hobbies such as painting or reading, exercise, gardening, cleaning our living spaces and shopping to name but a few things to do.

You will note that circles on my art pieces about time, reflect the 24 hour time clock and also my thoughts about how time goes around and around and around with rarely an exit to just do nothing. The metal key on my art represents my wish to find a way to unlock extra time to follow my many, many, many interests.

I’ve always been fascinated with trees and wood so whenever I can I incorporate wood into my art. Years ago I completed a carpentry course at college followed by three years of woodworking and design.

So the conclusion is: Time is precious. Time is a fixed commodity and therefore we need to carefully choose art assemblage about timeour activities.


2017 Artistic Resolutions

Posted on: January 2nd, 2017 by Carolyn Dix

There are so many things I want to accomplish this year as an artist it’s difficult to choose only a few. Yet I know that I need to not have too many so that I become discouraged by not achieving all of my goals and not too many so that I am not spending enough time mastering new endeavours. On the other hand, I need to have enough so that I am progressing. Read on to discover my artistic resolutions for 2017.

Before the end of last year; funny to say that considering last year was only 2 days ago. Actually, it was about two weeks ago that I decided to spend some time and money on photography. So, I am starting the New Year with a new camera, a tripod and professional lights. Even though my equipment is entry level, it is a huge step up from using my cell phone. And now I need to buy a book and to also start practicing.

Another thing I want to accomplish this year is to start a spreadsheet to keep track of my work. There are a number of companies who sell inventory tracking systems with some nice features but I am going to try and do this on my own.                                                                             There a number of details that will be catalogued such as:

  • Some type of number for each piece I create
  • A thumbnail photo
  • The title of the work ( I enjoy figuring out my titles)
  • A description of the mediums I used in the creative process
  • Measurements ( I like using inches) framed and unframed
  • Price
  • Where is the piece? Is it in my studio, at a gallery, featured on the walls of a business, donated to a charity, or the name of who purchased the artwork?
  • The date created
  • Expenses for each piece

This year I will most definitely spend time on learning and trying some new techniques and art forms. Years ago, I experimented with papermaking and found it to be so creatively fulfilling. Perhaps I will go add some of my own handmade paper into my mixed-media art this year. I also want to incorporate polymer clay into my work, not sure how, but I have some ideas and images floating around in my mind waiting to be started. Going hand-in-hand with this is to create more works of art.

Although what I have written above are big goals, there are two even more important:

  • Add a shopping cart to my website by the end of January at the latest.
  • Show my work in more venues

In conclusion, I have boiled down my huge list of goals to five: add a shopping cart to my website, displaying my work in more venues, learn to take better photos of my work, create an inventory system, add new elements to my mixed media and creating more finished pieces.

Have you made any artistic resolutions for 2017?

I would like to wish you a creative and successful 2017.


Tangled Cityscape

Posted on: December 5th, 2016 by Carolyn Dix

My “Tangled Cityscape”20161122_065745 is a mixed-media piece where I explored a number of varying techniques and materials.

The background was done in many layers of acrylic applied using a brayer. Teal, magenta and white were my favoured colours. Using a brayer is a ton of fun and very addictive so you need to be able to stop at some point and say you are done.

The cityscape was a combination of acrylic, pan pastels, and markers. Pan pastels are a medium that I will work with more sometime soon.

Underneath the city I played with a variation of Zentangle using markers, pencil crayons, and inks.

Currently I am working on a series of cityscapes delving more into assemblage incorporating various types of papers, metals and wood. Take a look at my newest piece in my gallery titled “Cityscape at Night”.

Welcome To My Website

Posted on: November 28th, 2016 by Carolyn Dix

I am so excited to announce that my new online home is live. As you explore my site you will notice that I am a mixed-media artist living in Waterloo, Ontario. I am a self taught artist pursuing a new direction for my life for when I retire next year from my current job. At the moment I am the Life Enrichment Coordinator at an independent-living retirement home here in Waterloo.  The fancy title means that I organize all of the fun activities and trips which enrich the lives of the seniors living in our residence. I have a heart for seniors and will miss them.

Did you notice the grey scale wall on my home page behind the rotating images and on the bottom of each page? During last winter I escaped for a week to a beautiful spot in Cuba on the island Cayo Santa Maria and took a photo of this most incredible wall that stirred my creativity.


If you have any questions and/or would like to purchase one of my original pieces of art, please contact me. If you purchase one of my original pieces of art, it will be delivered to you at no charge if you live in Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge or a close outlying area. If you are in an outlying area, ask me if you qualify for free delivery.

This site was designed and built by Chris Steingart of QT Web Designs in Kitchener. It has been a pleasure collaborating with Chris and I highly recommend him.

Be sure to check back soon for more news.