cdix20161122_170456I am a mixed-media artist living in Waterloo, Ontario and am a member of Art$Pay , the KW Society of Artists and the Central Ontario Art Association

Some of my work can be seen and purchased at Frames by Verne Gallery located at 332 Manitou Drive in Kitchener.

Mixed media suits my personality as I have far more ideas and never enough time to explore all things that capture my attention and passion. This art form allows me plenty of room to use various art techniques within one piece through the use of acrylic paints & mediums, papers, metal, caulking, glass, wood and other items that excite my senses as an artist. When working on a piece, I feel the need to assemble and create 3D layers adding a variety of objects and textures to bring my thoughts and memories into physical reality.


A multi-year design program at Conestoga College primarily using wood as my media, plus a year of art classes with guidance of international teachers brought depth to myart.

In January 2015 I started a year-long art course online, which allowed me the freedom to explore various techniques and mediums with the guidance of internationally known teachers.  I searched for my artistic style that would be unique to me and found the world of mixed media.

Time is one of the equalizers in society. Everyone on our earth has to live with the same amount of time in a year, a month, week, day, an hour, a minute and a second. We search for meaning in life and how to leave a positive legacy for future generations and this is where time and how we spend it is of importance. What we value is how we spend the time given to us.

For the past couple of years I have been creating a series of art pieces exploring time and its many facets. As I age, I realize that time flies by so quickly and is therefore a very precious commodity that I need to use judiciously in my art and other areas of my life, to hopefully make a positive impact for environmental and social justice.


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