cdix20161122_170456I am a mixed-media artist living in Waterloo, Ontario. Mixed media suits my personality as I have far more ideas and never enough time to explore all things that capture my attention and passion. So this art form gives me plenty of room to explore various art techniques within one piece. I work with acrylic paints, mediums, papers, metal, wood and other items that excite my senses as an artist, usually working on three or four pieces at one time.

My work features the exploration of time and memories sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. I enjoy the creative process, usually starting with an idea but changes do occur along the way to completion.

I am inspired by the magical mists at dawn and dusk as they creep from the forests into the open fields or the swirling mists over a clear mirror-like lake. Tree shapes still, and dancing in the wind capture my attention and fuel my imagination. The turbulent, moody, dark skies of fall stir my creativity. Rainy days motivate and influence my artistic process. The ever changing beauty of nature fuels my energy to express myself and makes my heart sing.

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